Greek bruscuetta with variety of dips tzatziki eggplant salad,roe fish salad, on grilled bread with olive oil and fresh thyme

Grilled mastelo cheese, with fresh avocado salad, finely chopped coliander and arabic wraps

Gavros fish, marinated with peppercorns and coarse salt

Fava with caper leaves and dry onion

Saganaki  lianotiri cheese with nuts and honey sauce

Soutzoukakia with oriental spices and tomato sauce

Fried crusts with mushroom cream and picante cheese served with sweet onion relish

Tomato balls, with yogurt sauce

Steamed shellfish with white wine,chives and garlic,

Saganaki cheese with seafood , chose from variety of seafood

Grilled sadrines with fleur de sel on grilled tomatoes

Fresh fried squid

Fresh fried smelt

Fried shrimps with fresh tomato, feta cheese,thyme and ouzo

Fresh zucchini pans

Grilled octapus with oil, thyme and lemon sauce

Dips (garlic sauce, eggplant salad,fish roe salad,spicy creamed cheese salad)

Traditional Greek salad

Arugula &fresh lettuce salad with grilled zucchini, fried crispy cheese and fresh tomato vinaigrette

Caesar salad with Greek lettuce,iceberg, parmesan cheese,chicken and homemade caesar sauce

Cretean salad with goat cheese,nut,sea fennel,and olive oil

Summer salad with butter sweet vegetables,fruits,nuts, and fresh vinaigrette

Steamed vegetables

Seasonal green vegetables with olive oil,lemon and fleur de sel

Oven baked stew with seafood, barely pasta, fresh tomato, and herbs

Wholegrain spaghetti with fresh cherry tomatoes,basil leaves and olive oil

Tagliatelle with chicken, fresh onion and creamy soya sauce

Penne pasta with light mushroom sauce and wine flavor

Linguini seafood , freshly fished straight to your plates

Grilled seafood served with steamed vegetables,olive oil and lemon sauce

Grilled meat served with garvish of your choice

Sea bass fillet with vegetables and tomato sauce

Chicken sauce with feta marjoram sauce served with country atyle fried potatoes

Burger out of 100% ground beef, served with grilled vegetables and rice

Pork pancetta with Greek wraps, tomato,red onion and fresh yogurt

Beef with tomato eggplant puree and parsley oil

Fried cod fish in butter accompanied with sofrito garlic sauce

We cook for you!
Every day we cook for you traditional Greek recipes with the finest ingridients! Please feel free to ask what is the plates of the day!

Lemon mousse

Creme brulee with Madagascar vanilla ice cream

Profiterole with caramelized banana and baked variou

Spaghetti with fresh minced meat and tomato

Spaghetti carbonara

Burgers with grilled Greek wraps and fresh fried potatoes

Pizza margarita

Pizza capricciosa

Chicken fillet with garvish of your choice and ketcup and mustard dips

P.s every morning between 8:30-12:00 we served breakfast! Ask us for more information!